A Cold, Cloudy October Day

4 Sep



Afall Cold, Cloudy October Day


A walk along the river’s edge.

An envelope and a narrow ledge.

The clouds above are thick and dark.

I suspect, much like your heart

The cool, wet air makes me shiver,

While walking next to that murky river.

Looking for some semblance of peace,

More than a metaphorical release.

As I sit one last time to read your letter

Each word of liberation is more like a fetter

The burden of loss is now on my chest

As I read the words you simply confess;

“I’ve met someone else. I love her more.”

And now I’m forced to hate the one I adore.

It seems your life’s mission is to drive me mad.

Why can you only be happy when you make me sad?

So with this plain white envelope

That seemed to vanquish my dreams and hopes,

I’m left with a future that is very dim,

Or an option that is equally grim.

Sink into the murky depths

Or move on with what I have left.

I know this cannot be repaired

I can no longer disguise my despair.

I have to rid myself of you

So there is only one thing I can do;

I give back all the pain you caused

All the heartache, all the was

I’ll take your words and set them free,

Rejection is no longer a burden for me.

I release that plain white envelope

In an effort to reclaim my dreams and hope.

It floated away and I was released.

No more sadness, no more grief.

And as the river swallowed your words,

It seemed the sun and sky concurred.

A shimmer of hope, a beam of light,

And somehow everything felt right.

With my spirit and my heart revived,

I’m actually grateful to be alive.

I no longer dream of being dead

With your words lying on the river bed

All the sadness, washed away,

On a cold, cloudy October day.


2 Responses to “A Cold, Cloudy October Day”

  1. jdeangelis79 September 9, 2013 at 9:13 am #

    always love a great rhyme

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