Vulnerable (A Turn of the Screw) (NaPoWriMo #11)

17 Apr

Vulnerable (A Turn of the Screw)

You are in possession of everything of that has ever happened to me.

The sum total of all my parts

My experiences




All that is bad

All that is good

Now the question is

What will you do with it?


The Man in the Woods (NaPoWriMo #10)

11 Apr

The Man in the Woods


From the belly of the forest

He calls out all night

His incessant wondering

Keeps him up during twilight

As he ponders great existentialist notions

Of what it means to be.

He expresses a profound soul-searching

Question in his search for meaning.

His simple question


I have no clue.

A Love Letter for an Old Flame (NaPoWriMo #9)

10 Apr

A love letter for an old Flame


You came and went

Like the rolling tide

Or maybe more

Like acid indigestion

From my favorite food

I absolutely refuse to give up on


The Flood (NaPoWriMo #8)

10 Apr

The flood


The water poured down the steps

Underneath the door frame

And down into the basement.

A uncontainable


River of water.

It ruined a box of my shoes

My favorite shoes

He said it was ok to be a bit melancholy

If It’s just who I am

It is

Prosthetic Love (NaPoWriMo #7 )

10 Apr

Prosthetic Love


Inherently Distrustful of the


We gather love like


And leave it dusty upon the shelf

We take it in like


But not until our lungs are riddled with disease

Never understanding the absolute


That we have received

The gift we abused

Premonition (NaPoWriMo #6)

7 Apr



I know how this feels

I know how this goes

I don’t always say

But I always know

I know how this feels

I know you’ll go away

I can’t find to the words

To make you want to stay

That Boy (NaPoWriMo #5)

7 Apr

That boy


How can one tiny package

Hold so much potential?

So much wonderful?

So much wonder?

I proudly stand on

The wobbly pedestal

He’s constructed out of Lego’s.

I’ll only be here for a while

Before she takes my place.

But while I’m here,

I’ll be his first love,

Best friend,

Loudest cheerleader

And he’ll always be

My joy.

A Poem About the Period of Time When You Can’t Stop Thinking About Someone Who Has Hurt You (NaPoWriMo #4)

4 Apr

A poem about the period of time when you can’t stop thinking about someone who has hurt you


The dead stay dead

Is what they have said

So what of this memory haunting my head,

That causes me to lie awake in my bed,

And think about all the things left unsaid,

And the cunning and eager way you misled,

And the tears of regret that I earnestly shed,

As I think of remaining when I should have fled?

I shiver and shudder and implore you instead

Of haunting me endlessly, please go ahead

Go back to the grave and back to being dead.

Alice (NaPoWriMo #3)

3 Apr

Picture 217


She put on her best dress

To cover her loneliness.

To cover the seeping scar,

That covers her broken heart.

She wears it like a black veil.

Like a card player’s only tell.

She cherishes this bit of grace,

In that she can’t remember his face

Or the feel of his touch,

Or why she loved him so much,

Or making love in the rain

All she has left of him is her pain.

And she’ll take care of all that remains

Before his memory drives her insane.

So with her stocking rolled way down low

Way lower than a good girl’s should go

And a glass of whiskey in her hand

Her eye sight locked upon a man

She’ll uncover her loneliness

By removing that lovely dress,

Her scar, broken heart, black veil and more

Leaving it all in a pile upon the floor.

Snow Bird (NaPoWriMo #2)

2 Apr


snow bird


A lone blue jay perched on a snow-covered tree

On this cold winter day

He looks as lost as me.


Lost underneath this alabaster sky

Searching for warmth

But barely scrapping by


Minutes turn to hours as icicles form

And the heat of the fire

Only barely keeps me warm


The chill in the room or the words that you said?

The coldest of shoulders

Means a lonely road ahead


I’d hope this season would somehow bring you close

But the cold pulls you away

When I need you the most


A gust of wind blows away all of my regrets

And the snow will surely bury

Everything I can’t forget


I wish I could fly away like that lone blue jay

Rise high above the ground

The snow is lovelier that way


There’s a strange beauty to a barren snow-swept field

From the air I can see possibility

Maybe I can heal


A winter’s day reflection on the scar that I have earned

As that lone blue jay takes to the air

I hope you will return.